Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Portfolio will be up soon

Portfolio is done, I'll either post it in it's entirety or a link on the blog, updates to work will be added onto the blog though. Feel free to look for new work whenever, I should be posting new stuff every few days, if not more frequently.


-The DAAPsquatch

Far out, man!

So, the stuff I've been doing lately is a bit conservative, I thought I'd ideate on a pod-bodied corner hugger for Cadillac, kind of an escape car for an extremely overworked owner, no distractions, just them, the car, and the cockpit. Obviously it would be a technical marvel, adaptive body panels, corner hugging abilities, full HUD, etc... Now, to make it 1 seat or 2?

Just quick ideation shilloettes, but I'm feeling #1+2 right now.

-The DAAPsquatch

Wise Words

Wise words from my teacher, Marc Reisen. Stop comparing your projects to everything you've seen, otherwise they'll never be different. Thinking away from convention and away from pop culture is the only real way to create a unique product. Stop saying the car is going to be half TT, half CTS, stop saying it'll be like this, or you're going for that, because that's exactly what you'll get, something that's already been diluted by 17,000 comittees. Think away from the box, think for the future, and think for yourself.

-The DAAPsquatch

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Progression on the Caddy

Here's a more-so finished rendering of the Caddy, expect more soon, hopefully some interior stuff, sketches and maybe some sketch renders. Also, I got bored and decided to do a Mary Kay Cadillac, why? I don't know, it just happened and I don't know why, but I kinda like it, hahaha. Feel free to leave feedback.

_The DAAPsquatch

Friday, October 17, 2008

New Render, more soon

more-so finished rendering of it, I dunno if orange is the best Cadillac color, but it looks cool in the render, now to move on to more views, and possibly one with the fins open

-The DAAPsquatch

Cadillac Sketch

So, as I look back on them, the last two sketches suck, so expect re-done versions of them soon. On a better note, I sketched this out today in class and like it a lot, this will probably be one of my directions that I present to GM. Basically this is going to have adaptive body panels, which will look kind of like bib scales. The car will be able to change shape depending on how the car is driving to improve economy and performance, it's going to be a pain to sketch with all of the panels deployed(for braking) but I think it'll totally be worth it.tell me what you think about it in the feedback.

Sketch-render coming soon.

-The DAAPsquatch

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Flat Black Godzilla

Saw this over on gtrblog.com and had to post it up, a flat black GT-R, what's not to love?

New Stuff on the way

New stuff is on the way, I've just been super busy as of late with school n' such. Expect to see some new sketches, renders, and random stuff up in the next few days.

-The DAAPsquatch

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Hey Guys, welcome to my blog. I'll be posting up work from class, work, and some stuff just for fun. Hopefully you like it, I know I will.