Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Deals Gap, NC

Just got back from Deal's Gap, North Carolina.

A weekend of amazing roads, fun cars, and good friends does the mind good! We left a few hours late due to Tim having just finished his car that morning, but we left on the right day at least. We finally got to the cabin at 3:30AM due to a stop in Lexington because of an incident involving a flying piece of rubber and my car, but no harm no foul, right?

We finally got out to the Rotary meet (Tim drives an RX-7) the next day and drove some incredible roads, we stopped at a gas station for a questionably nutritious lunch and headed back for the award ceremony for the car show.

The weekend was interesting, we left late, my car got hit by a piece of re-tread, but was fine, Tim's sister's RX-7 broke a driveshaft, and the cabin had an NES with duck hunt, awesome.

We finished the trip in Pigeon Forge with some go-cart drifting and lucnch, all together it was great times with great friends which means great memories.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bored=custom 370Z render 2.0

Updated render of the Z with some more detail, touch ups, and wit some fixes from my buddy Dave's comments. Basically a bit more definition, some more work on the headlights, some wheels that I rendered myself, and a bit more detail in the tail lights as well. Also a new background and some more highlights on the intercooler.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bored=custom 370Z render

I got bored on a Saturday night and this happened, I should be bored more often. Basically what I'd like my 370Z to look like whenever I end up getting one. Amazing car, and with a little coaxing, it can be a monster.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Updates sometime...hopefully

Well, I'm posting this from work, so don't tell anyone! haha. My internet at my house in in Chicago is on the fritz and I have no service, so once I get that fixed I'll have some nice pretty BMWs, Caddys, and who knows what else to show everyone. Mostly sketches, but maybe some renderings soon after that, seeing as most of the sketches are sitting in my e-mail right now...bummer