Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bored=custom 370Z render

I got bored on a Saturday night and this happened, I should be bored more often. Basically what I'd like my 370Z to look like whenever I end up getting one. Amazing car, and with a little coaxing, it can be a monster.

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Dave Heyne said...

Looks good man - pulled off red well, and your renderings are finally coming across volumetric. It also looks like you have your head wrapped around this better - far fewer oversights then stuff you've done in the past. Just a couple tips:

-Clean up pixel junk after using guides, paths, or lassos - that hard angle at the top of the a-pillar is driving me nuts!

-Draw your own wheels, even if you just render over the photo reference, it'll look better than median filter over a low contrast photo.

-If you're going to source a few things from the photo you used as reference, make sure the photo is high resolution - I'm seeing a lot of inconsistencies in resolution that mar up your pretty red paint scheme.

-Last thing - context is good, some sort of studio environment - reflections, cast shadows. But that's not always necessary. However, if you're just going to go with a monotone background, make sure the color combo is pleasing - there are plenty of reference sites that can help you with that. The ruby red against that pale blue is kinda unpleasant.

These are all small things though - like I keep saying, it's obvious you've really improved over this last quarter. Way to go man.