Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bored=custom 370Z render 2.0

Updated render of the Z with some more detail, touch ups, and wit some fixes from my buddy Dave's comments. Basically a bit more definition, some more work on the headlights, some wheels that I rendered myself, and a bit more detail in the tail lights as well. Also a new background and some more highlights on the intercooler.

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Dave Heyne said...

Much better - looks like a screen grab from a Need For Speed game now. I like the added contrast, and the lighter background.

If you wanted to rock a "3.0" version, check out this speed painting tutorial (also NFS themed, btw)

Put your 370Z in a canyon battle, or a highway drag, with some lighting effects, reflected detail - have it creaming the crap out of a BMW product or something. Could transform this into a portfolio piece so easily.

PS: On a lighter, less committed note, reflect your rear-view mirror into the sheet metal below - just one or 2 reflected details will make your sheet metal look 10X more realistic.

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