Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Deals Gap, NC

Just got back from Deal's Gap, North Carolina.

A weekend of amazing roads, fun cars, and good friends does the mind good! We left a few hours late due to Tim having just finished his car that morning, but we left on the right day at least. We finally got to the cabin at 3:30AM due to a stop in Lexington because of an incident involving a flying piece of rubber and my car, but no harm no foul, right?

We finally got out to the Rotary meet (Tim drives an RX-7) the next day and drove some incredible roads, we stopped at a gas station for a questionably nutritious lunch and headed back for the award ceremony for the car show.

The weekend was interesting, we left late, my car got hit by a piece of re-tread, but was fine, Tim's sister's RX-7 broke a driveshaft, and the cabin had an NES with duck hunt, awesome.

We finished the trip in Pigeon Forge with some go-cart drifting and lucnch, all together it was great times with great friends which means great memories.

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